Maple Ported Cabinets With Vintage Full Range (Duplex) Pioneer PAX-30e Drivers

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Maple Ported Cabinets With Rare Vintage 1959/60 Full Range (Duplex) Pioneer PAX-30e Drivers and Pioneer tone controller dials mounted on the rear of the cabinets. 

"The PIONEER PAX-30E is a revolutionary 12-inch
two-way speaker with a fantastic response range that
reaches, in the low frequency range, all the way down
to 20 cps and in the high range, as high as 16,000
cps. The woofer cone paper is formed of a composite
SARAN material, used for the first time in the PAX-
30E, that produces clean well-damped bass response
down to the lowest audible limits of sound. For
unexcelled dispersion of high frequencies, two cone type
tweeters are mounted facing outwards at the
optimum angle, to provide natural concert-hall quality
response. The stamped metal grill serves the dual
purpose of preventing modulation distortion and also
protecting the woofer cone; hence there is no need
for any additional grill on the enclosure.
The PAX-30E may be mounted in an enclosure far
smaller than the standard size enclosures used for
similar size speakers, and yet will still reproduce
extreme bass frequencies far beyond the low frequency
response of other 12-inch speakers.
Moving coil impedance:16 ohms
Resonance frequency:20 - 35 cps
Frequency response:20 - 16,000 cps
Maximum power input:20 watts
Sensitivity:102 db/ watt"
AUDIO • OCTOBER, 1959 (Magazine Publication)

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